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01 May 2009 @ 09:13 pm
Sela Ward "homesick" picspam  

I started scanning all the wonderful pictures from the book "Homesick - A memoir" some suck and I'll do them again, but for now I'll post a few of my favourites - okay actually I love them all - but I'll make the first part out of it :)

her daughter Anabella Raye

her son Austin

litle Sela

with her dad

Dinner at "Weidmann's"

in college with friends

during a football game as cheerleader

the "honeywatching" one is sooooooooo beautiful!!!

her wedding day

that cover is soooo beautiful and Anabella is really cute. Well my cover is a little damaged... that's why I only paid $1,99. I still don't have a good picture editing software otherwie you'd get better pics. Sorry!!!